Meet the Valize Impact Guides

Whether you're a curious learner eager to expand your knowledge, someone seeking to acquire new skills, or are part of a team seeking to collectively upskill, our series is designed to provide you with a flexible and engaging learning experience.

Each of our guides covers six lessons on related topics, an explanatory video, a suggested application exercise and an assessment. 

We also package the guides in our collections, which consist of six guides on related themes.  Buying a collection is a great way to establish a longer-term learning journey for increased impact.   

If you prefer to do your reading on paper rather than on a screen, the text portion of the guides can be downloaded for your convenience.   

The platform also supports a community area, in which you can exchange ideas, ask questions, connect with your fellow learners or join in regular live office hours with Rita McGrath and her colleagues.   

Your adventure begins here!