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SparcHub Software

Create a Strategy, Portfolio, Activity Review and Cadence in your organization. 

Track, manage and capture 

 Keep track of ideas, manage your opportunity portfolio, and capture what your team is learning.

Everything in one place

It instruments your innovation process to create transparency, share key learnings and eliminate the need for endless status updates


Idea Inventory

Portfolio Management Tool

Strategic Score Card

Financial Management

Checkpoint Management System


Built for Consultants

(small consultancies)

What if you could offer your clients an easy way for them to use best-in-class new venture planning tools while accelerating their learning and containing risks? 

Using our SparcHub Sage platform, you and your clients can see up to date portfolio views of key projects, track what’s being learned, and get an early warning when things get stuck.


Built for Sage Client Users

(small businesses)

What if you could easily see the progress your important ventures are making, transparently, in real time?

Using our SparcHub Sage platform, your team members can master the key concepts and apply them in real time, while you can observe and give them feedback, also in real time. 

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