Our goal is capability building and capacity creation, not the creation of dependency

The business model of large consulting firms is based almost entirely on leverage. For every senior partner involved in an engagement, firms need to keep many junior people busy or their economics simply don’t work. Valize consultants are richly experienced, hands-on people who work on a limited number of high-impact engagements with the goal of creating sustainable innovation proficiency by adding to your organization’s capacity. Don’t fall victim to “Innovation Theater.”


We address mothership management issues as well as project development topics

There are plenty of consultancies who promise to help create the Next Big Thing for your organization. What they often leave out is the challenge of managing the parent organization. Without the appropriate metrics, governance, culture and people practices, your innovations, no matter how brilliant, are basically doomed. At Valize, we understand the political, motivational and process issues that need to be addressed for innovations to survive the corporate antibodies to become major contributors to growth. More importantly, we help on-board all key stakeholders to create a common language, process understanding and adoption of innovation-friendly disciplines.


Rita McGrath, Valize CEO, is a globally recognized thought leader and inventor of much of today’s innovation best practice

From her breakthrough 1995 Harvard Business Review article “Discovery Driven Planning” to her current work on strategic inflection points and new models for executive leadership, McGrath is recognized as one of a small group of experts who have built today’s best-in-class innovation practices. Together with entrepreneurs and educators such as Steve Blank and Alexander Osterwalder, McGrath has created widely used tools for making innovation a managed proficiency in organizations. In her speaking, consulting and writing, McGrath has had a lasting impact on the strategy and growth programs of major organizations worldwide. She is one of the top ten management thinkers as rated by Thinkers50. See www.ritamcgrath.com for more information.



Become Part of the Valize Ecosystem

Our network and global reach is second to none

Our goal is always to help tailor an innovation solution that helps clients address their specific challenges. Toward that end, we can mobilize a global network of subject matter experts, senior corporate leaders, educators and public officials to address specific, specialized questions. Need to talk to an artificial intelligence expert in Finland? Check. Need to figure out what materials replacement in automobile manufacturing looks like? Check. Need to understand how machine learning works in hand-held apps? Check. Need to connect to a specific, specialized VC in the Valley? No problem. You get the idea.