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Discovery Driven Growth Course

When uncertainty is high, you're working with assumptions, not knowledge. And that means that your conventional approaches to planning are likely to lead you astray. Instead, plan to learn in sequenced steps, eliminating cost and risk as you go.  

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Initial Customer Interviews Course

There is a right way and there is a wrong way to do this!

Learn how to design meaningful customer interview, articulate hypothesis and create surveys that provide meaningful insights.

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First Prototype & Deliverables Specification Course

A prototype is a quick way of getting real feedback from real customers inexpensively and quickly and this short course teaches you how.

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Product Data & Digital Strategy Course

Any business these days needs to take digital into account from the very first point at which you begin to explore new ideas. In this short course you will learn how to design digital offerings and connect them to your larger ecosystem.

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Revised Prototypes Course

The point of a prototype is that it isn’t perfect!

The purpose to create a prototype is not to be right it is to learn, so inevitably things aren’t going to work out the way you expected. In this short course we will learn how to learn from productive failures and how to conduct real tests of your hypothesis

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Customer Segmentation Course

Even today most companies don’t segment their customers in a way that yields great results.

In this short course you will learn techniques for segmenting customers on the basis of their jobs to be done or behaviors so that you can fine-tune your offerings to what they really need.

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Fall Customer Insight Program

The ‘Creating Customer Insight’ Program taught by Rita McGrath is comprised of 6 Mini-Courses, each of which tackle a different aspect of creating insight about customers in highly uncertain contexts.


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6 Learning Modules

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