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why valize?

Valize, LLC, is not a traditional consultancy. Building on the influential research agenda Rita McGrath has been leading for many year, Valize is committed to helping those it works with build the capability to innovate by moving up the Innovation Maturity Scale. While consulting is used to get appropriate processes in place, part of a Valize engagement is to custom-design an innovation operating system, which is facilitated by smart, engaging software with the techniques of innovation proficiency built right in.

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Founded by Rita McGrath, Management Professor at Columbia Business School - Valize has over 20 years of experience developing practical, hands-on strategy and innovation tools and processes - that produce almost immediate results. Built on the foundational work of Rita McGrath and Ian MacMillan's Discovery Driven Planning (DDP) methodology, these processes have been adopted and applied by thousands of managers and innovators around the globe.

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how we help

Valize brings decades of experience with strategy and innovation processes. We target our solutions to the immediate needs of your teams — whether they are generating ideas, incubating new products and services, or accelerating and scaling new ventures.

With the help of Valize, you can address the perennial disconnect between your strategy, budgets, projects and people. We’ll help you determine if there is alignment between your strategy and the actual projects your people are working on.

The Valize process integrates resource information — people, space, budget, and skills — so that you avoid the experience of running into bottlenecks just as you are trying to scale; or finding that one or more projects are making no progress because of an unexpected missing resource.

Our process

Start anywhere with Valize:

DIAGNOSE tools create insights about how you can accelerate your growth efforts.

DISCOVERY tools help you ideate and look for lucrative new opportunities.

REALIZE tools help you validate and accelerate  your ideas.

OPERATE tools give you the strategic insights to extract you from exhausted arenas, create waves of new innovations, and exploit existing businesses.


UNDERSTAND your Growth Process.
MONITOR your Innovation Journey.
EVALUATE your Options, Risks and Resources.
REALIZE your Future Strategic Value.