Growth Accelerator System

 “We believe that Innovation Capability is a discipline that can be learned AND mastered.”

Get on Track Towards Optimal Innovation Capability

At Valize, we see innovation as something new, that creates value. This doesn't necessarily mean new technology. It could be new services, new business models or other new activities. As competition erodes existing competitive advantages at a rapid pace, companies need to develop an innovation proficiency with the ability to create a pipeline of new advantages.

What you get with the Valize Growth Accelerator System

  • A learned, repeatable process to generate, communicate, and execute on new ideas to drive growth.
  • A process to evaluate and select ideas and new advantages.
  • A strategic portfolio to serve as your [ongoing] guide for the innovation process.
  • The ability to align around a strategic [portfolio management framework].
  • A pragmatic and structured way to allocate resources across your organization to fulfill growth targets.
  • A journey to define strategic opportunity spaces, with support and guidance from the Valize team through the entire process

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Smart Software Leads to Smart Strategy

What you get with the Valize Innovation Operating System (InOS)

A clear view of your investment in today’s business vs. investment in future business.

  • An Opportunity Portfolio customized to fit the goals and targets of your organization.
  • Growth Gap Analysis that outlines/defines/predicts the challenges of meeting growth targets.
  • Manage and assess resource allocation across different levels of uncertainty.
  •  Instantly provide an up-to-date snapshot of project progress, over time.
  • Bring revenue expectations and resource allocation decisions into alignment.
  • Integrate strategy, budgets, project approvals and people.
  • Finally, replace those spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.

The InOS is all you’ll need to generate reports for Management, the Executive Committee and the Board.  

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