Innovation maturity scale

It is irrefutable – innovation is now center stage for many organizations, as the pace of transition in competitive advantage moves more and more quickly. And yet, for many executives, figuring out where to start with the innovation agenda is a confusing process.

With the Innovation Maturity Scale we can offer an assessment that will help you:

  • Assess your level of innovation maturity and compare it to other organizations in our database
  • Measure whether different parts of your organization see the innovation process in a different way
  • Put in place a plan to create a genuine innovation proficiency across your organization

How does the Innovation Maturity Scale Work?

By using your responses to the Innovation Maturity assessment questions, we place your organization on an 8-level scale. Level 1 organizations focus mostly on exploiting the existing business; while Level 8 organizations have made innovation-driven growth a repeatable, reliable process.  

The first question in the assessment is “Could you describe your organization’s innovation system?” with responses of no, some aspects, most aspects or yes. How would members of your organization answer this question?

Could you describe your organization’s innovation system?
Can others in your organization?
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What does the Innovation Maturity Scale Measure?

The Innovation Maturity Survey consists of 5 sets of questions, focused on the following categories:

  1. Foundation – These questions give an indication of the existing innovation-related practices in your organization.
  2. Governance and Funding – The innovation process is uncertain and it requires a different way of making decisions, allocating resources and planning. These questions provide input for these topics.
  3. Metrics and Accountability
    The right measures and incentives need to be in place for innovation to become a proficiency. The problem is that these measures and incentives are often quite different from those used for mature, predictable areas of activity. These questions assess the status of these items within your organization. 
  4. Culture
    You know the old line - culture eats strategy for breakfast! But what does an innovation-friendly culture look like? These questions get at some of the hard to identify issues that can form barriers to innovation. 
  5. People and Structure
    Of course, innovation doesn't happen in a vacuum. Without the right people in place it’s hard to make progress on your innovation agenda.
Levels 1 - 4

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