How Realistic is your Growth Strategy?

Can you deliver on your promise?

The Valize Growth Gap Analysis

Innovation teams often make the promise to deliver growth, but many struggle to achieve these ambitions. Why? Many teams are unaware of the Growth Gap - the difference between your projected growth goals and what your base business can realistically deliver. Filling this gap often requires innovative new offerings or acquisitions. That’s when things get complex. Valize can help. The Growth Gap Analysis imposes a structured and realistic view of the time at which revenues will, most likely, be realized. You’ll be able to proactively model the rate at which new growth or cost mitigation initiatives need to develop, enabling you to reach your projected targets.

How the Valize Growth Gap Analysis works

  • Determine the present state of your organization’s innovation portfolio and goals for growth.
  • Development of an Opportunity Portfolio that orders strategic investments into three categories:
    Core, Platform, and Growth Options
  • Complete assessments and allocate investments to these three strategic portfolio categories to gain alignment.
  • With this Strategic Portfolio, we can apply the growth gap analysis and determine the resources needed to meet your targets.

Valize will be your guide through the entire process. We’ll help you formulate the right questions giving you the ability to clearly define the assumptions versus the facts behind your plans. Armed with this information you can be more realistic about when your growth program will show results, thus closing the growth gap.

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