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D1. Team Effectiveness

How Effective is Your Team?

Members of a team working on a specific project or initiative complete a set of 20 questions online. This generates a report which provides team averages and measures how differently each member viewed the question. The report provides suggestions for what to do about those items on which the team reports the lowest levels of confidence or the greatest divergence. 


The diagnostic benchmarks critical capabilities for effective team functioning, including Roles and Skills, Trust, Information Flows, Common Commitments, and Feedback.

D2. Accelerating Competitive Effectiveness

How can you accelerate the progress of your growth and innovation program?

Members of a team working on a specific project or initiative complete five separate diagnostics on line.  Each diagnostic offers a snapshot of where the team currently is on its journey to create a new capability for your organization.  The sequence matters – each higher level element depends to some extent on the earlier ones.  The most powerful component is predicting what trajectory your project is on – early, before it is set in stone.   


The diagnostic benchmarks these critical capabilities for creating innovative new capabilities, including Understanding of Business Drivers, Team Effectiveness, Emerging Competence, Market Value, Firm Value, and Competitive Insulation.

D3. Organizational Alignment (kite model)

Lack of alignment dooms strategies – here’s how to address the issues.

Members of an organization who need to be in alignment to execute its strategy complete a short diagnostic on line.  This creates a report which summarizes those areas of low alignment or under-performance, providing clear guidance for where an intervention can break a cycle of confusion or under-performance.   


Implementation requires that all the elements of a business system work together: Agenda, Norms & Culture, News & Communication, Formal and Informal Structure, Allocations, and Symbolism.

D4. Business Model Attractiveness

Can you tell how powerful your business model is?

It goes without saying – some business models are more attractive than others.  

Attractive business models are to some extent insulated from instant imitation and leverage new technologies.  This seemingly-simple diagnostic can give you an early warning about the places in which competitors may sneak into  your market or easily copy you once you have demonstrated that a viable opportunity exists.   


Select individuals – possibly even outside your organization – to provide an honest assessment of the power of your business model based on a diagnostic on line.  By looking at the pattern of their replies, you can quickly see where your model’s vulnerabilities are and ideally fix them before spending too much money.




W1. Creating an Inventory of Opportunities

Put Marketbusting to work for your organization

Valize introduces your group of 20-30 participants to proven techniques for uncovering promising growth opportunities in this 2-day, hands-on workshop.  

Participants will learn:

  • Why conventional approaches to market segmentation fail and techniques for capturing greater insight
  • How understanding the consumption chain can reveal otherwise-invisible customer choices
  • Why attribute mapping can help both understand customer tradeoffs and predict dynamics of their future choices
  • How to think creatively about gaining advantage by changing your business mode

How it works:

Participants prepare for the workshop by watching introductory videos, doing a modest amount of pre-reading and identifying target opportunity areas they wish to explore.  During the two days, which can include input from external thought leaders, customers, key partners and other stakeholders, teams apply workshop tools to specific customer challenges.  These are refined as the workshop moves forward, concluding with a compelling visualization of the ideas developed.

W2. Discovery Driven Planning

Learn what Clayton Christensen has called ‘one of the most important management ideas of all time’

Valize introduces your group of 20-30 participants to this revolutionary approach to planning for highly uncertain new ventures – the original basis for the Lean Startup movement – in this two day, hands on workshop.

Participants will learn:

  • Why conventional planning for new opportunities is a recipe for disaster
  • How to navigate the assumption : knowledge ratio
  • The five interlocking processes of building a discovery driven plan
    • Define success / Reverse Income Statement
    • Benchmarking
    • Operational Specification
    • Assumption Checklist
    • Manage by Checkpoints
  • How to conduct a checkpoint review
  • How to fund new ventures

How it works:

Participants prepare for the workshop by watching introductory videos, reading the original “discovery driven planning” article, and reading the teaching case for the workshop.  Teams apply the workshop tools to the teaching case.  They complete the workshop by clearly specifying how they would use discovery driven planning for their new projects.

W3. Understand your Portfolio of Opportunities

Solve a major leadership puzzle – how to implement today’s strategy and invest for the future

Valize introduces your group of 20-30 participants to this unique approach to allocating resources across the uncertainty horizons your organization is facing – in this two day, hands on workshop.  

Participants will learn:

  • Why conventional funding and metrics are innovation killers
  • The practical application of real options reasoning
  • What an opportunity portfolio is and how you can use one
  • What the portfolio in your organization currently looks like
  • Actionable insights for taking next steps

How it works:

Participants prepare for the workshop by creating a list of all the major initiatives underway in the organization, based on criteria they specify in advance.  Each opportunity is scored with respect to its level of uncertainty and described in terms of its upside potential.  During the workshop, participants are introduced to the basic framework, then dig in to actually using it to describe their portfolio as it is.  By the end of the two days, the participants will have a perspective on the initiatives that are actually in their portfolio and whether these have the potential to meet the organization’s long-term strategic goals.

W4. Creating an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Teach your people the behaviors of successful entrepreneurs

Valize introduces your group of 20-30 participants to the surprising, but consistently effective, behaviors that people who have started many businesses use – in this two day, hands on workshop.  

Participants will learn:

  • Why conventional networking is so ineffective
  • What powerful resource-connecting networks look like
  • How to probe for customer desirability
  • How to adapt your idea as new information comes in
  • The importance of handover and skill set transformation

How it works:

Participants complete an assessment of their personal and professional networks in advance of the session and identify a set of core capabilities they believe could form the basis for a new business.  During the workshop, they will learn and apply the principles of entrepreneurial behavior to actual business ideas and will coach each other in teams throughout.  

W5. Senior Team / Board — Offsite Meetings

Challenging assumptions and changing mindsets

Valize principals have decades of experience designing exciting, challenging and thought provoking offsite meetings for senior executives and board members. The purpose is typically to (gently) offer an external perspective on an organization’s strategy, opportunities, challenges and competitive realities.  

Participants will learn:

  • A fresh, external perspective on the strategic challenges facing the organization
  • A new point of view on how they should be thinking of their organization’s future
  • An overview of the new strategy playbook and what it takes to implement it

How it works:

Valize will collaborate with the design team for the workshop to customize and approach specifically tailored to the requirements of your senior team and/or board.  The workshop can run anywhere from half a day to two days, and may be the kickoff to a longer-term relationship with the firm.  Provocative exercises and thought experiments are used to free up fixed mindsets and illuminate opportunities.  Any of the Valize diagnostics can also be used in conjunction with these workshops.

W6. Design Your Own Workshop

Love our ideas, but want a different format, outcome, or other?

Workshops come in many flavors, and those we’ve laid out here may not be the best fit for your organization’s needs.  We’re cool with that and can be very flexible.

Shorter and Longer and Online – Oh my!   

Not to overwhelm you or anything, but here are ways in which our workshops can be customized to better meet your needs:

  • They can be shorter or longer than our basic 2-day design
  • They can be facilitated remotely
  • They can incorporate an online component
  • They can be s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d out in time so that you get the content in shorter, multiple segments
  • They can involve more than one of our diagnostics
  • They can be a component in something you’re using another firm or consultant to deliver
  • They can be used as part of a retainer agreement to move your organization along a path to deliver consistent, repeatable growth
  • They can leverage other faculty or discussion leaders  you propose
  • They can be co-taught with executives from  your own organization

Other Consulting

When you could use a thinking partner, an expert or a confidante

Some of our clients are interested in consulting work that is more of an ongoing conversation and partnership than a typical workshop or consulting project.  They value the time we take to get to know their organizations and the ability to tap into external expertise and our networks of connections.  These are usually structured via a retainer model.

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