At the intersection of Innovation, strategy & Execution

At Valize, we define an innovation as something new, that creates value. This doesn't necessarily mean new technology. It could also be new services, new business models or other new activities. As competition erodes established competitive advantages at a rapid pace, companies increasingly need to develop an innovation proficiency, or, in other words, develop the capability to create a pipeline of new advantages.

The Innovation operating system

Real innovation capability can be achieved when you have the Valize team guide your organization throughout your journey to higher growth, involving less risk. We have designed the Innovation Operating System (InOS) using the Valize methodology to be embedded into your organization. As a result,  the skills needed to develop and manage your innovation and growth strategies are learned and self-sustaining.  

The Valize Innovation Operating System (InOS) provides you with:

  • A repeatable process to generate, communicate, and execute on new ideas to drive growth
  • The ability to align around a strategic portfolio management framework
  • A process to evaluate and select ideas in a unified way
  • A pragmatic and structured way to allocate resources across your organization to fulfill growth targets.
  • A way to define strategic opportunities with ongoing support and guidance through the entire process. InOS Outcomes
  • Create an Opportunity Portfolio that is customized to fit the goals and targets of your organization.
  • Execute a Growth Gap Analysis that outlines challenges and achieve alignment around the resources needed to meet your growth targets.

Once the detailed strategy emerges, Valize continues to guide your team to develop solutions and risk mitigating plans, that actually work. This strategic plan will serve as a guide for ongoing management.

the valize growth gap analysis

Innovation teams often make the promise to deliver growth, but many struggle to achieve these ambitions. Why?
Because many teams mismanage the growth gap -  the difference between your growth goals and what your base business can realistically deliver. Often, filling this gap requires either innovative new offerings or acquisitions. That’s when things get complex. Valize can help. The Growth Gap Analysis imposes a structured and realistic discipline with respect to the times at which revenues will most likely be realized. This leads you to a draw upon realistic conclusions about when your growth program will show results, closing the growth gap.  

By using the Growth Gap Analysis, you’ll view resource allocations for your innovation portfolio through a different lens. This enables you to proactively model the rate at which new growth or cost mitigation initiatives need to develop, enabling you to reach your projected targets. Your Valize team will guide you through the entire process, helping you to ask the right questions about the assumptions behind your plans.

How the Valize Growth Gap Analysis works:

  • Determine the present state of your organization’s innovation portfolio and goals for growth.
  • Development of an Opportunity Portfolio that categories strategic investments into three areas: Core, Platform, and Growth Options
  • Complete assessments and allocate investments to these three strategic portfolio categories to gain alignment
  • With this Strategic Portfolio, we can apply the growth gap analysis and determine the resources needed to meet your targets.

Strategy Development and Execution

How does it work?
Using the Opportunity Portfolio and Growth Gap Analysis, we are able to map future opportunities with resource commitments. Projects are then evaluated with respect to their market and technical uncertainty, resource-intensity and upside potential.

Start by building your Opportunity Portfolio
The Valize Opportunity Portfolio categorizes investments across technical and market challenges, shedding light on growth options that may otherwise be lost to the organization.  These newly identified seeds for growth of transient advantages can catapult your company into emerging trends, as well as create buffers against disruptive scenarios.

The Growth Gap Analysis
The Growth Gap Analysis provides a different lens in which to view resource allocations. This enables you to model the rate at which new growth or cost mitigation initiatives will need to develop in order to reach your projected targets. We guide you through the process of asking the right questions about the assumptions behind your plans.

Once the detailed strategy emerges, Valize can guide your team to develop solutions and risk mitigating plans, that actually work.

New Product Development

With Valize, you gain access to a team of experts with extensive experience working with new product development programs.  We roll up our sleeves and guide you through the process of bringing new products to life. 

We begin the process by holding a workshop with a focus on the Discovery Driven Growth methodology that is not only a time-tested tool, but also instills a whole new way of thinking.  Throughout this process, we challenge the conventional way of doing things so that the tough questions get asked early on to mitigate the cost of mistakes, while seizing the upside. 

This comprehensive work with intact teams spans training and guidance to actual product development, when needed, to help you overcome resource constraints.

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