UNDERSTAND your Growth Process.
MONITOR your Innovation Journey.
EVALUATE your Options, Risks and Resources.
REALIZE your Future Strategic Value.

Valize is not your traditional consultancy. The goal of every Valize engagement is to help foster a culture in which innovation can flourish.  From our point of view, this requires the nurturing of three elements:

  1. Exploration Viewpoint - Discover opportunities and uncover assumptions that need to be confirmed to make your innovation project successful.
  2. Execution Skills - Run disciplined and measurable innovation experiments.
  3. Leadership Ability – Learn and develop unique behaviors for leading successful innovation efforts.

Whether you are looking for a structured approach to drive disruptive innovation, create non-traditional opportunities for growth in new markets, or you are interested in developing innovative partnerships and teaming approaches to drive consistent and repeatable growth – Valize has proven, time tested techniques for helping you to place some imaginative bets on future opportunities. 

Founded by Rita McGrath, Management Professor at Columbia Business School, the Valize team has decades of experience developing practical, hands-on strategy and innovation tools and processes - that produce immediate results. Built on the foundational work of Rita McGrath and Ian MacMillan's Discovery Driven Planning (DDP) methodology, these processes have been adopted and applied by thousands of managers and innovators around the globe.

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